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VNDR Machines
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Smart vending machine


Welcome to the future of vending machines, designed to support the needs of today’s consumers, utilising over 50 inches of super responsive hi-tech touch screens and modern interfaces.

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Cash less
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 Our Services

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Automated retail


Our self-service retail experience trumps traditional vending by virtue of consumer interaction. We enhance the user experience through our stunning visual displays, blending modern consumer culture with traditional vending. A 50" touch-interactive display allows users to browse, and shop healthy snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and more. You can find our machines at train stations, airport lounges, shopping centres, leisure centres and private locations across the UK.

Fully managed vending


In today's fast-paced business world, it's important to have modern solutions that can keep up with the demands of your organisation. That's why our smart vending machines are the perfect solution to streamline your business needs. Our machines feature fully integrated touchscreen technology that can enhance your organisation's operations.

Our cutting-edge smart digital vending machine technology is designed to cater to a wide range of settings, including workplaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, leisure centres, airports, and private spaces. Whether you need a vending machine for your office break room or a high-traffic public area, we have a solution that can meet your needs.

The all-inclusive smart vending subscription
VNDR Machines

Digital Outdoor Advertising


Do a little something beyond the ordinary to help your business and drive sales with permanent locations in proximity to train stations, airport lounges, shopping centres and leisure areas.

Allow your brands the opportunity to engage with audiences like never before. We have the perfect platform to help build brand awareness. 

365 Days a year

We offer 24/7 VNDR Machines for your convenience and are always available to meet your needs.

Remotely managed

Manage product stock levels and sub-cabinets in real time via cloud management.

Products range

We offer a variety of products including food, drinks, health and wellness items and accessories.

Where innovation meets opportunity


Smarter Digital
Outdoor Advertising

Looking to connect with your audience more effectively? Our smart outdoor digital advertising can help. We tailor your message to specific locations, making it easier for your customers to engage with your brand and ensure your message is delivered efficiently.


Reach millions of consumers

Our network of over 23 to 25k foot traffic gives you the opportunity to influence £1.5 billion in consumer spending each week through our digital display and reach millions of customers.

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Show the best of your business

Get even closer to consumers. Drive the right traffic for more conversions and revenue.  

Bringing vending machines into the digital era

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