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Automated retail


Innovation is key for retailers to stay competitive, creating an advantage in four main areas: convenience, price, scale and speed. Innovation and technology is in our DNA — we’re constantly finding new ways to harness technology for our consumers' success, guided by research insight. 

Our on-the-move retail super responsive vending machines use technology to make things easier while offering a better consumer experience, with touchscreens, interactive digital machines and cashless payments. 

Our extensive products range includes

Snack & Drinks

Meeting consumers’ expectations, with snacks and drinks. 

Applying smart vending machines and software solutions that provide a great experience.


Our product portfolio ranges from technology to health and well-being products.


We can provide bespoke smart vending machines and cloud software solutions with a distinctive benefit that gives your employees or organization what they want, when they want it, raising their spirits and keeping them going. 



Transport hubs 

Providing state-of-the-art high-tech smart vending machines and carefully crafted focused products to the nation's transport station hubs.

Image by Carl Newton

Corporate organisations 

Providing innovative smart vending solutions to national flagship corporate clients.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Health trusts 

Serving smart, healthy vending options to cater for national healthcare service providers.

Ready for smart vending solutions

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